Strategic Marketing

Don’t gamble with your marketing budget.


Marketing Angel offers professional, strategic advice to make sure your marketing money is spent targeting the right audience, with the right message, at the right time to get the right results.


PR & Copywriting

Got something to shout about?


Marketing Angel can help promote your company's products and services with clever copywriting and proactive PR.


Advertising, Promotion and Direct Marketing

In a marketing muddle?


With the many different marketing methods available for businesses to use to try to attract new customers and increase sales, making the right marketing decisions can sometimes be confusing.  That's why Marketing Angel helps clients make informed decisions about marketing actions before any of your valuable marketing budget is invested.

Freelance Marketing Director

Imagine how much easier life could be if you had a dedicated professional helping you make informed and strategic decisions about marketing your business.  Marketing Angel helps SME’s by offering a Virtual Marketing Director service that provides all the usual benefits of employing a dedicated marketing director, but without anywhere near the usual associated costs.  A part-time freelance arrangement that’s as good for your business as it is for your budget.


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